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    Stay away from hotel bottles, smooth lipstick heels

    Cracked heel is the dry skin on the heel that loses its elasticity and splits when the body's weight is on the foot. This problem is rarely considered unless it affects aesthetics and causes serious effects.

    Cracked heels can cause loss of aesthetic value, bleeding, deep cracks, pain, impeding walking and working. Symptoms are more severe if the skin surrounding the outer edge of the heel thickens or becomes more calloused. In severe cases, the cracks can cause bleeding, even due to deep damage, the entry of bacteria and viruses can lead to bacterial infections that cause purulent inflammation and bleeding.

    What causes cracked heels?

    There are many causes of cracked heels such as: dry skin losing moisture, excessive pressure on the heels in people with obesity, long-term use and exposure in strong soaps and detergents, excessive bathing. hot, people who often wear high heels, people with hypothyroidism.

    The phenomenon of cracking and callousing occurs not only in the heels but also in other locations such as: hands, elbows, knees, fingers, or insteps, etc. These positions are also frequently affected. strong or friction so often calluses occur.

    Callucare not only gives you smooth lipstick heels

    Produced in Italy according to a closed technological process meeting European standards, Medicosh Callucare products bring their own breakthrough path with the motto "Reducing dry cracking - preventing odor", multi-use with many ingredients Safe, gentle, highly effective and well-known natural extracts such as: Urea, Salicylic Acid, Sodium Lactate, Salvia Sage Extract, Mentha Spicata Extract and Thyme Thyme Extract.

    Urea is an important ingredient used in many skin care products and treatments. Helps to peel off the stratum corneum and dead cells on the skin, intensely moisturizes, softens the skin. Salicylic acid helps to exfoliate the stratum corneum, exfoliate, and restore the inherent smoothness of the skin. Sodium Lactate is a strong moisturizing active ingredient, helping to restore the lipid layer on the skin, antibacterial against inflammatory conditions on cracks. Salvia sage extract helps anti-inflammatory, cleans, disinfects, "anti-sweating feet to prevent foot odor". Mentha Spicata extract with the function of purifying, energizing and stimulating the regeneration of skin cells. Thyme Thyme Extract helps to prevent oxidation, protect skin structure, and fight inflammation specifically in skin problems on the feet.

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